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Before and After Dental Photos - Smile Makeovers Estero, FL

 Dr. Leishman created eight all porcelain crowns. She was thrilled with her new smile!  
Severely worn teeth. Dr. Leishman did a full mouth rehabilitation.  
This young woman fell and broke three of her upper teeth. Dr. Leishman did two composites and a porcelain veneer.  
She was unhappy with her lower front teeth. Seven porcelain crowns were made for her.  
She had chipped edges on her  front teeth. Dr. Leishman did cosmetic bonding for her.   
He was unhappy with broken front teeth. An all ceramic bridge was placed.  
Her front four teeth were discolored. Dr. Leishman did Zoom whitening and created  four porcelain veneers.  
He has always been unhappy with his smile and one of his front teeth had to be removed. Dr. Leishman did minor orthodintics, nine all porcelain crowns and an one implant supported crown.  
A cracked tooth needed a crown and the patient wanted it to match his other teeth. A custom shade match made this crown look very natural.  

She was unhappy with her worn teeth.

Twenty porcelain crowns were made.

He was unhapy with his yellowing teeth

He chose to do KOR whitening and was happy with the result.

His composite fillings broke. Natural looking composites restorations were created.  


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