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Dr. Leishman has extensive training involving oral appliances that prevent tooth damage from grinding or bruxing. Many patients suffer from pain and sensitivity due to clenching and grinding. You may have noticed that your teeth are getting shorter or chipping and this is a sign of pathologic tooth grinding. Sore muscles and headeaches may also be a symptom caused by grinding your teeth.

Popping in your jaw joint is a more serious symptom that should be reported to your dentist. A bite that is uneven can contribute to damage to the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint). A properly fitting bite splint provides an ideal, balanced bite that can allow the joint to heal and stablize. A precision fitted splint with evenly balanced contacts can only be provided by a trained dentist. The over the counter bite guard may prevent tooth grinding, but not in a way that can stabilize the TMJ.

Dr. Leishman's custom fitted, hard acrylic bite splints are made at a certified dental laboratory. Dr. Leishman only works with the best labs in order to make a bite splint.

Bite splints or night guards are an easy and affordable way to prevent major tooth damage. It is much better to prevent a tooth from breaking than to have to pay thousands of dollars to repair it once it has broken!

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