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Patient Testimonials



Best of the best - John L. (Patient since 2013)

Dr. Leishman, in addition to being an outstanding dentist, is a great person. And that character trait transcends throughout his entire staff. I'm a happy camper with very good choppers.

Jun 28, 2017


Dr. Leishman was able to see me within 24 hrs. ... - Gary S. (Patient since 2017)

Dr. Leishman was able to see me within 24 hrs. of a phone call. I had lost the filling in tooth #3 upper. Very painful situation and he took care of the situation. Thank you Dr. Leishman!

Jun 1, 2017


My experience has been positive on every level;... - Mary M. (Patient since 2010)

My experience has been positive on every level; interacting with Ashley to schedule appointments, being treated by Chrissy for my cleanings , and receiving care from Dr Leishman. This is a great team of caring professionals. I have recommended them to any friends looking for quality dental care.

Apr 27, 2017



want to thank my dentist Aaron Leishman very much for his diligence in my initial exam with him. While examining me he checked my throat and found a lump. He recommended that I immediately make a appointment with my primary care physician . When I did this, I was diagnosed with cancer. It was caught at a early stage and the prognosis for complete recovery is excellent. He may not have saved my life, but he sure made my time of recovery much shorter.


I am constantly amazed at the service and care that the team at Dr. Leishman's office provides. While Dr. Leishman's dental skills are absolutely top notch, it is the over the top service that really makes his team stand out. Appointments via email, appropriate reminders for a self confessed forgetful patient and remembering all of my preferences and needs from one appointment to the next make their dental care the best I have experienced in 40 years. Thank you Dr. Leishman, Ashlee and Chrissy. You guys are amazing!

Kris Davis

October 2012


Finally, I found relief from my daily TMJ headaches. I made a trip to Dr. Aaron Leishman's office and he made a custom designed splint for me. I found relief, not only from the headaches, but the cycle of pain was diminished from my fibromyalgia, as well. Thanks for your gentle care Dr. Leishman.

Cindy R. Gehrisch

August 2012


Dr. Leishman,

I would like to thank you for being such a great dentist. I appreciate you working so fast to help my TMJ. Your office staff is really nice as well! I also liked the fact that you use cloth towels as it is much more environmentally friendly than paper towels.


Adelina Mititelu


To Whom it may be of interest:

When my wife and I moved to Florida on a full time basis we were faced with finding a new set of doctors, including a dentist. In the process of trying out new dentists we both went to Dr.Leishman

Due to previous cancer surgery my wife cannot tolerate what she refers to as "rough handling" from either a dentist or his staff. She had a full initial examination by Doctor Leishman, followed by a cleaning with the hygienist. She was impressed and decided to continue with Doctor Leishman.

I did the same and was equally impressed by Doctor Leishman and his staff. We remain patients of the Leishman dental practice for several years now. My wife and I would not hesitate to recommend the Leishman dental practice for your dental requirements.

Peter and Jean Bodnar.


I've had to deal with a TMJ disorder all my life (I'm in my 60's), making it difficult to receive the dental care I need. With the knowledge Dr. Leishman has regarding TMJ disorders, I have made progress and I am finally able to receive treatment in caring and professional manner.

Linda D. - 2014

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